Amelia Herring

Wonderlic: what do you need when you call?

Wonderlic: what do you need when you call?
Amelia Herring
You’re ready to have a conversation with Wonderlic that'll lead to effectiveness of your hiring process.

Any sound, lasting partnership – personal or professional – requires effective communication. Wonderlic always picks up the phone.

The sharing of information and understanding of wants and needs is essential. So, in this spirit, if you have questions about what products we offer and how we can help you find the best people for your organization, I’d like to make that process easy for you. I encourage you to give us a call, and when you do, here are some questions for you to think about when preparing for a call with Wonderlic.

What hiring and employment challenges are you currently facing?

Are you having trouble finding people who have the right knowledge, skills, or abilities for the job? Or maybe you hire qualified people, but there are frequent behavioral issues. We’ll need to know what your issues are so we can help you solve them.

What steps are in your hiring process?

In order for us to pinpoint the places in your process where testing might be most beneficial, we’ll need to know the steps you follow to make a hiring decision.

What information do you use when making a hiring decision?

Even in an age of advanced data collection, processing, and reporting techniques, hires are made all too often on gut instinct alone. However, even if you collect and use a lot of information from job applicants (i.e., job applications, cover letters, resumes, interview notes, test results, etc.), there may still be ways to improve upon your hiring process, and consequently, your results.

Are you currently using assessments?

The use of testing in your hiring process doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to find the right person for the job every time. A great deal depends on how the tests are administered and how the results are processed and evaluated. Wonderlic can help you optimize your current process.

What information do you hope to obtain from testing?

There are a variety of tests that can be given to job applicants: cognitive ability, basic skills, behavioral reliability, and personality, to name a few. Each test evaluates distinctly different things.

What positions are you hiring for?

Before deciding which tests to recommend, it’s important for us to have a thorough job analysis for every position for which you’re hiring. As we already have job analyses completed for over 900 common positions, it will be beneficial for us to know if we can use one of those or if a new one would need to be developed for a unique position.

Ok… so if you know the answers to these questions before you call, congratulations! You’re ready to have a productive and informative conversation with Wonderlic that will, ideally, lead to a great leap forward in the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring process.

Let’s talk!

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