Better together.

By combining three distinct measures of candidate potential into a single fit score weighted specifically for your job opening, WonScore enhances your team’s ability to predict on-the-job-success:

Cognitive ability

The single-best general predictor of job performance and on-the-job success, cognitive ability lets you know whether your candidates can do the job.


Discover whether your candidates' behavioral tendencies align with the job responsibilities. Personality tells you how your candidates will behave on the job.


Your candidates can and will do the job–but do they want to? Motivation helps your team determine whether a candidate's interests align with the demands of the job.

When it comes time to hire, Wonderlic's robust insights significantly improve your ability to find people with the greatest potential to excel.

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Wonderlic can help. 

See how adding our hiring assessment to your hiring process gives you a fuller picture of what your candidates can, will, and want to do.

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“WonScore opened up our talent pool

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Maureen Hascher,  VP of Talent at ActionLink