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Your company is unique, and so are the roles you’re hiring for. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all assessment  solution. Wonderlic increases the quality of your hires by leveraging the ability to match over 3.5 million unique roles to a job profile to assess your candidates against. Other pre-hire assessment tools are limited to 1,000 or fewer job profiles.

Rank candidates with objective data

WonScore ranks candidates based on their likelihood to succeed in your specific job opening. This saves your team time reviewing resumes and allows them to prioritize top candidates early and eliminates the risk of losing them to other offers.

Powerfully predictive results

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By combining scientifically valid and reliable measurements of cognitive ability (can they do the job), personality (will they do the job), and motivation (will they have staying power in this role), WonScore is able to provide results more predictive than resumes, interviews, and single measurement assessments.

Resumes don't tell the whole story.

Resumes are like social media posts: they embellish the qualities that make us seem amazing and more than one third of job seekers admit their resumes contain at least one significant job-related lie. The exact cost attributed to a bad hire may vary, but everyone agrees the impact is felt far and wide. 

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