High-Impact Development

Empower your employees to improve their on-the-job performance using Wonderlic Develop's personalized insights and coaching tips to unlock their potential.


Why organizations choose Wonderlic Develop

Development for everyone - not just leaders.

Unlock the potential of every employee in your organization, giving them valuable insights to make behavioral improvements that boost their on-the-job performance. Wonderlic Develop provides this at a low cost per seat and with minimal effort required from HR and managers.

No one-size-fits-all development.

To improve performance, employees need to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and how these factors affect their ability to succeed in their roles. Wonderlic Develop considers your employees' specific job requirements to unlock their full potential - no customization required.

Take the development burden off managers.

Results are delivered directly to employees, giving them actionable ways to improve their performance and take ownership of their professional growth. With the employee-led approach, reliance on managers' experience, focus, and ability to develop is no longer a roadblock.

Want better job performance? Look beyond personality.

Most development tools provide static personality reports that don't effectively help employees improve their performance. To inspire behavior change that improves job performance, Wonderlic's comprehensive approach offers a complete picture of each person's capabilities, behaviors, and interests to give valuable insights into what it takes to be successful in their roles.


Your people are your biggest asset. Wonderlic is here to support you through the entire employee journey with our suite of products.

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