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Turnover is a major challenge and cost for many modern organizations, regardless of their size and industry. Employee turnover rate is more than just a statistic - it reflects the health, culture, and operational efficiency of an organization. Understanding and managing employee turnover is essential for sustaining a productive, engaged workforce and safeguarding a company's bottom line. Our calculator helps measure the intricacies of turnover and also indicates how resources can be saved by using Wonderlic assessments.

Use this calculator to identify and measure underlying turnover causes, industry-specific benchmarks, and actionable solutions tailored to enhance employee retention and organizational resilience. See how Wonderlic assessments save you time and money.


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The average annual number of employees a mid-sized organization (251-500 employees) will hire in a year is 14. Use this or input your own if known.
$58,260 is the US National average salary. Use this or input your own if known.
22.8% is the 2022 US benchmark average for turnover. Use this or input your own if known.
A Wonderlic validation study found that turnover was reduced to 8% when candidates scored high in the Wonderlic assessment. Use this or input your own if known.
The average cost to replace an employee ranges from 50%-200% of their salary. Use this or input your own if known.
43 is the average number of applicants we observe in top Sales, Business Development, and Account-related roles. Use this or input your own if known.
5.64 is the average time spent reviewing a single resume. Use this or input your own if known.
See time and cost savings by using's Wonderlic's pre-hire assessments that help you find candidates who can and want to do their job.
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