We think everyone should have a job they love.

As an assessment company, we’re driven to help employers find the best possible people for every role—and provide insights to candidates that can help them find a job that fits them well.

As an employer ourselves, we’re just as committed to finding people who can help us grow, while doing meaningful work they’re proud of.


Wonderlic’s progressive company culture is grounded in a thirst for innovative thinking, a sincere respect for diverse perspectives, and a deep commitment to “walking the walk” when it comes to providing work/life balance. 

Our seven core values
embody who we are and how we work:



Wonderlic culture fosters collaboration, empowering our people to explore and innovate constantly.



We hold ourselves to a higher standard of goal-setting, striving for the most effective results possible.



We love giving our people the freedom to think outside the box and do the extraordinary.



Roosevelt said it best: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."



As a solutions-oriented company, we rely on teamwork to drive productivity and overcome adversity.



Wonderlic promotes science-based solutions to our customers, but we also work smarter by leveraging the power of data and analytics ourselves.


Shared Learning

Every person contributes their expertise, collectively propelling Wonderlic to the next level of our industry.

Meet our team of AI, I-O, and ML experts! 🧠

Our assessments are driven by scientific research and award-winning expertise in I-O (industrial organizational psychology), AI (artificial intelligence), and machine learning. Together, we’re creating ground-breaking new ways for companies to hire more fairly and effectively in an ever-changing world.


Excellent people
deserve excellent benefits

We want our people to feel confident in their role, and be happy doing it anywhere. So we offer a highly competitive benefits package.


Highly competitive pay that attracts, retains, and rewards top performers. Plus retirement plans with a variety of investment fund options, including a 401(k) with company match.



When we say work-life balance is essential, we mean it. Everyone starts with 21 days of paid time off to take at their leisure, plus nine paid holidays and a week-long paid vacation between Christmas and New Years.



Premium, highly subsidized healthcare, dental, and vision plans with access to top providers and networks, for you, your loved ones, and your pets. (Yep, we offer pet insurance.)



As of 2020, Wonderlic employees can work from wherever they like! Our headquarters in Vernon Hills, IL will serve as a place for local employees to meet up, but being onsite is an option, not a requirement.


Do what you like, like what you do

“I love working here because every day I’m faced with interesting challenges, and I’m always learning!"

- Lorraine

“It’s so refreshing to work at a company where leaders are not only willing, but eager to collaborate and share resources.”

- Carmine

“At Wonderlic, I get to work alongside people who challenge me to be at my best, and to continue raising the bar.”

- Sally

Join our team!

A hunger for diverse perspectives and innovative mindsets—and a commitment to work/life balance—are at the heart of Wonderlic’s progressive company culture. If you’re looking for rewarding work at a company that treats you well, we’d love to have you. 

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