Boost Employee Performance with Role-Based Development

Your organization needs high-performing individuals. Your employees are eager to grow and learn. Your HR team needs a scalable development solution tailored to each role. Meet all these needs with Wonderlic Develop, a development assessment with results that empower employees to identify their strengths and challenges and guide them to enhance their on-the-job performance. 


Employee development that up-levels on-the-job performance

leverage powerful

Leverage powerful insights to unlock employee self-awareness

Gaining self-awareness is proven to be one of the most effective triggers for positive change. Wonderlic Develop offers role-based, personalized results that empower employees to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and challenges, backed by robust scientific data.

Read more about why employee development is the key to boosting employee performance.

leverage powerful

Provide job-specific guidance for each employee

With the largest selection of off-the-shelf job profiles, we include job-specific development assessments for all your roles, no customization required. The results provide employees with actionable development guidance - recommended by Wonderlic's I/O specialists - so they know what to work on to boost on-the-job performance.

make talent development

Make talent development your superpower

All your employees benefit from development, not just your leaders. Wonderlic's employee-led development approach unlocks the potential of every member of your organization without burdening your HR team or your people managers.

Development assessments that drive actionable growth

Scientific data that impacts performance

Wonderlic's multi-measure assessments measure cognitive ability, personality, and motivation to unlock comprehensive insights into employees' capabilities, behaviors, and interests that improve performance.

Capabilities: Employees learn how they adapt

Behaviors: Employees learn how they show up

Interests: Employees learn what they are drawn to

Put a Spotlight on employee strengths and weaknesses

The Spotlight insights in Wonderlic Develop help build employee self-awareness by providing an overview of their strengths and weaknesses and how to leverage or improve them for greater success in their roles.

The Spotlight results show:

Which attributes are critical for success in the role and how the employee stacks up.

Which existing strengths can the employee leverage with little effort.

Which attributes are important to the role but may require more effort to leverage.

Highlight behaviors that need the most effort

Traditional development tools show employees their strengths, but lack guidance on how to work on their weaknesses. Wonderlic Develop fills that gap with actionable guidance to leverage strengths and work on behaviors that don't come naturally and therefore require more effort.

Effort-based insights help employees recognize where to focus development time for greater on-the-job performance improvement.

Lower scores indicate when employees need to put more effort into developing a behavior.

Higher scores apply to attributes that come naturally and therefore require less effort from the employee.

Put employees on the path to making high-impact behavioral changes

Wonderlic Develop is the only development tool on the market with job-specific results that don't require a certification to understand. Any employee can understand their results and know what to work on first for the biggest performance impact - without a heavy lift from HR or people managers.

Facilitate high-impact behavioral changes, with key insights, such as:

Key findings about an employee's capabilities, behaviors, and interests, and why they matter

Employee performance

How others might view them

Coaching tips and strategies

Action Planner: Empower employees plan and track their development

Wonderlic Develop provides actionable recommendations for employees to work on high-impact behavioral changes.

The Action Planner includes:

A curated list of recommended action items based on the level of effort it will take to make a difference in an employee's work

Quick, attainable goal-setting prompts motivate employees to take the first steps

Time-tracked milestones to assist employees in making progress on their development goals

The Wonderlic Advantage


Wonderlic optimizes your hiring decisions by allowing you to assess all your candidates on the top three predictors of job performance: cognitive ability, personality, and motivation.

Other assessment providers limit your ability to find top candidates and is less predictive, only focusing on only one or two constructs. Also, some providers require you to pay per assessment, making it more challenging to assess all your candidates.


Job-specific assessment results increase the effectiveness of hiring decisions. Wonderlic is the only provider with off-the-shelf scoring profiles covering all existing and emerging jobs in the market today.

Other assessment providers offer limited insight into candidates' performance in the role, using generic job groupings that lack context or no role-specific results at all.


Easily compare candidates using a single score with fair and consistent data points for accurate decision-making during the screen-out process.

Other assessments can lead to subjective and inconsistent interpretation of results due to end users having to review a list of psychometric scales.


Actionable insights from Wonderlic Develop make it easy for employees to seamlessly integrate professional development into their daily routine, fostering a culture of continuous self-improvement and maximizing individual growth.

Other assessment providers' development outcomes fail to provide employees with guidance on their next steps or how to utilize the results effectively. The results are often reviewed once and not accompanied by practical recommendations for integration into their daily workflow.


Effortlessly unlock peak performance with all your employees with Wonderlic Develop


Boost employee performance with role-based development insights

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