Looking for an assessments partner to up your game?

We maintain relationships and integrations
with a variety of other organizations -

So that together, we can best meet the evolving needs of the marketplace.

Technology Partnerships

So why hitch your wagon to ours? Partnering with us can help you drive customer acquisition, improve employee retention, and elevate the value you provide to your customers. All this while growing your bottom line.

Research Partnerships

Looking to be at the forefront of the state of the art research and constantly exploring emerging technologies and offer the best in class solutions to customers? Yeah, we are too. If you’re interested in pushing the boundaries of research with us, by collaborating and/or sharing data, we’d love to talk.

Preferred Technology Partnerships

Our leading-edge assessment platform helps clients quickly and objectively identify the best-fit candidates for every job.

It combines three powerful predictors of job performance into one overall score for each candidate. All while integrating seamlessly into almost any HR software workflow. You’re already helping your customers hire qualified candidates quickly and easily
- together we can take it to the next level.

Let’s partner-up to:

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Make it easier for your customers to easily identify top candidates.
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Improve customers’ ability to quickly hire the candidates who best fit each job.
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Satisfy more of your customers’ recruiting and hiring needs within your platform.
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Enhance customer experience with an integration so seamless, it feels native.

Here’s just a small sampling
of our preferred partners:

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