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September 30, 2021

Mark Rader

Alice Sherlock: A Customer Success Story at Wonderlic

Alice Sherlock: A Customer Success Story at Wonderlic
Mark Rader

When she’s not making life easier for our customers, she enjoys spending as much time out in nature as possible: Meet Alice Sherlock, one of our Customer Success Managers.

Alice started working at Wonderlic in February 2020 and after only six weeks in the office, she, like all of us, packed up to work from home, where she’s remained ever since (Wonderlic went fully remote more than year ago). Below she shares what she loves about her job, and, just as importantly, her life beyond work.

What brought you to Wonderlic? 

I was referred to Wonderlic through a colleague on the product team, and she and I worked together at our previous company. When we were both on a product team, I was doing user acceptance testing, and I missed talking to people.

I really missed being in that customer-facing role and being able to solve customer-facing problems. 

What are the biggest customer success wins you’ve experienced so far? 

At the beginning of this year, a customer wanted to do a re-set in terms of education with their hiring managers. So we got together and did some traditional platform training. 

It didn’t really seem like they were comfortable bringing up questions or specific instances they had concerns about, so we offered them office hours, where they could bring in their particular experiences in more of a one-on-one setting. 

Doing that really helped them put the pieces together to say, “When I sit down with my candidate that I’ve met personally, here’s how WonScore can help to fill in the gaps.” 

“We offered them office hours, where they could bring in their particular experiences in more of a one-on-one setting.”

What’s one of the most satisfying aspects of your job? 

The nice thing about working with new customers as a CSM is you get to dive deeper.

You get to say, “I know everything there is to know about WonScore, and these are the things we can do to dig deeper and help you apply some of the things that drew you to WonScore in the first place.” 

I’m the person that’s going to help you try it out. We’re going to go through this together so that you feel confident in the selection that you’ve made. 

What are most new customers’ initial reaction to using WonScore?  

Usually the initial reactions that I get is “this looks easy to use,” and that’s something that we’ve really hung our hats on. We want people to be able to get in and start using our product right away, whether you have a lot of assessment experience or not.  

We’ve laid it out using some very simple approaches, like numbers and color coding.

That’s definitely something that comes up time and time again from people who’ve used all kinds of assessments previously, whether it’s Predictive Index or Hogan or Criteria, all the way down to people that are using a skills assessment.

“[Ease of use] is something that comes up time and time again from people … who’ve used Predictive Index or Hogan or Criteria.”

When you’re not helping customers, what are some things you do to relax and recharge? 

This summer, I’ve been taking advantage of the long weekends we get at Wonderlic through traveling. Mostly out West, just hiking, camping, canoeing … and thinking of new ways to eat S’mores. (Between two Girl Scout cookies is one of my favorites.)

So yeah, anything to really get outside and offset some of the time that I spend sitting at my desk. 

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