January 4, 2023

Becca Callahan

Introducing Wonderlic Develop: The New Way to Develop Talent

Introducing Wonderlic Develop: The New Way to Develop Talent
Becca Callahan

This month marks the start of a new year and the beginning of your 2023 talent strategy. Many of our customers, 2023 is loaded with economic pressure that magnifies the value of each employee in your organization. Alongside the economic pressure, businesses are experiencing a rapid shift in the way that work is getting done. Employees need different skills to be successful in a workplace underpinned with advancing technologies. In my conversations with Wonderlic customers, they are feeling this pressure. In response, they are looking for the ability to assess employee potential, determine the gap between the potential and current performance, and close the gap as quickly as possible.  


Many digital jobs are dynamic, cognitive roles that are constantly changing. The more technical the role, the shorter the half-life of the skills needed, and the sooner the day-to-day work looks drastically different. While having highly generalized insights about types and traits has been helpful, organizations need more to be able to predict successful job performance. Luckily, Wonderlic customers who have been using our assessments that measure cognitive ability, motivation, and personality have seen how impactful this can be in the hiring process and now we need to bring this predictive power to the employee development market. 

I’m excited to share that we are expanding from our talent acquisition focus to include employee development with the introduction of our new product, Wonderlic Develop. Develop will be the perfect complement to our existing product, Wonderlic Select (formerly WonScore). Together, both products focus on what matters most during the employee lifecycle: insights that are job-specific, engaging, and predictive of on-the-job performance. 

To learn how Wonderlic Develop can help you activate every employee’s greatness, visit www.wonderlic.com/develop

How Wonderlic Develop is different

If you search for employee development solutions, you’ll find a range of options, anything from performance-management software to digital courses. But employees want and expect more than just record-keeping and short-lived skills exercises. 

Every person is unique, and so is their potential. The best way for individuals to grow is through strategic self-awareness of their traits, how they learn best, socialize, empathize, engage, handle projects, etc. Wonderlic Develop measures cognitive ability, motivation, and personality to give insights specific to the individual and their role. Employees can use that targeted feedback to take ownership of their careers and grow at their own pace. This helps them improve their decision-making and problem-solving abilities while boosting performance, engagement, and retention.  

“97% of employees want to expand or at least continue the amount of time they spend learning.”

— Harvard Business Review, 2021

Beyond Wonderlic Develop’s ability to help unlock higher performance, our team is here to support you at every step of the way with onboarding,  launch readiness, and continuous support. Organizational strength starts with making great hires, but it’s amplified by making the most of every employee.  

We’re excited to partner with you to leverage insights all the way through the talent lifecycle. As you look to make your organization strong and resilient, we are here to help you hire, develop and retain the best talent to be ready for whatever comes next. 

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