September 12, 2019

Amelia Herring

Wonderlic Rebrand: a new era

Wonderlic Rebrand: a new era
Amelia Herring
Wonderlic needed a brand that represented our inclusive, science-centric attitude. Now, we've got one.

Wonderlic and the people who comprise our company are determined to help kick bias to the curb as much as possible. This is our passion. And the best way to reduce bias is to hire based on merit. We were one of the first companies to use objective data powered by Industrial and Organizational (I/O) psychometrics to help employers sort through applicants to find the top candidates. Wonderlic has rebranded to reflect that.

Wonderlic’s newest iteration of pre-employment assessment, WonScore, is powered by proprietary science and information we’ve built over the years. We’ve mastered the art of leveraging the reliability and validity of our proven tools, along with customer feedback and tons of user data to keep innovating. Speaking of data, it can (and should) be used to help employers gain insight into the personalities and capabilities of their applicants. WonScore’s ability to break down these measures into an easily understandable score is helping employers efficiently hire the right people for their organizations. Basically, WonScore is the best of the best of the best.

How do we do it? In addition to our tenured team of I/O psychologists, our company has grown to include a team of scientists who also specialize in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help ensure we’re leveraging the most effective technology to power our assessments and platform. Bonus: it’s super easy for any talent acquisition pro, recruiter, or hiring manager to use and requires no training to get started.

With all the incredible development and changes going on at Wonderlic, one thing became very clear.

We needed to update the brand.

“As an organization, we’ve been going through very positive transformations over the past few years,” explains James Sivis, VP of Marketing. “Starting from the culture mindset, our company is more forward-thinking and employee-centric than ever. With heavy emphasis on science, our products continue to evolve culminating in the release of WonScore. This has created a diverse product management discipline. We feel our branding should accurately represent Wonderlic both from a culture and product standpoint, so we set out to make it so with an identity overhaul.”

Wonderlic Logo

Of course, our new identity is not isolated to how our company works. Inclusiveness and diversity are the two cornerstones on which the new Wonderlic branding is founded a) because there’s very little that’s more important and b) WonScore helps reduce bias in the hiring process. The design for our new logo, for example, is a “W” made up of graphic elements that are diverse and humanistic. It’s beautiful, modern, and bold, and will be instantly recognizable to any audience.

Further, this rebrand is a manifestation of who we are. We’re passionate about our employees- their zest for life. We ensure that our work family enjoys a comfortable work-life balance. While we put a ton of time into ensuring WonScore is awesome (and of course reliable and valid), we’re very much about our people, too. And as a “people company”, understanding the importance of happiness within the workplace has influenced how we help other employers find candidates.

At the end of the day, we know employees are going to go above and beyond in an environment where they love to be. It really is that simple. From a marketing perspective, the Wonderlic rebrand will better support the vision of our company and our product, helping propel the company to the top of the class when it comes to innovation within the HR hiring market.

“We want to emphasize that WonScore will keep Wonderlic at the top of the market.” continues Sivis. “However, it’s fair to say that the new branding is a key step in launching us further into the public eye. We’re all aligned to the understanding that this is not just a product, but a science that’s here to empower both organizations and the candidates applying to those organizations.”

The Wonderlic rebrand will be followed by a full-scale online presence revamp for the company in the coming months – stay tuned.

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