Find Top Performing Candidates

Find candidates who will succeed in your roles using powerful insights 6x more predictive of job success than resumes.


Why organizations choose Wonderlic Select

Predict candidates' on-the-job success

Most assessments capture personality metrics. Wonderlic Select delivers multi-measure insights that include the candidate's abilities, motivators, as well as their personality traits. The result is better predictive insight into who will be a top performer in your role.

No one-size-fits-all development.

To improve performance, employees need to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and how these factors affect their ability to succeed in their roles. Wonderlic Develop considers your employees' specific job requirements to unlock their full potential - no customization required.

Give a green light to the right candidate, faster

Find top candidates faster using clear and unbiased insights that make it easy to identify high-potential candidates at every stage of the hiring process. Candidate results are predictive and simple to understand without any certification required.

Talent selection for progressive HR teams

Creating a fair and efficient process that delivers high-performing candidates is high stakes for your organization. Build confidence by delivering decision-making insights and guidance throughout the hiring process, making it easier for your HR team and hiring managers to find long-term quality hires.


Your people are your biggest asset. Wonderlic is here to support you through the entire employee journey with our suite of products.

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