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to create a world where everyone has their best job.

Empowering teams to make smarter employment decisions using simple, intuitive assessment tools.

Built on decades of I-O psychology

Our solutions are driven by rigorous internal and external research.

Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology is the scientific study of human behavior in organizations and the workplace, and it’s the backbone of everything we do. As a scientific discipline, I-O psychology is focused on helping employers treat employees fairly, helping make jobs more satisfying and workers more productive. For over 80 years, Wonderlic has specialized in selection - identifying the knowledge, skills, abilities (KSAs), and other qualities that are necessary to perform well, administering tests and measures to assess applicants, and determining those most suitable for a given position.


Our team utilizes and refines constructs shown to meaningfully predict job performance while optimizing for ease of measurement, enabling quick and accurate prediction of a candidates’ cognitive ability, motivation, and personality. Each of these predictors is weighted based on the unique KSA requirements required for performance in each specific job. The performance of these constructs is continuously re-evaluated to ensure they remain reliable and fair - allowing your team to feel confident using WonScore as a key component in your hiring process.


A pioneer of psychometric assessment

Since we introduced the Wonderlic Personnel Test all the way back in 1937, Wonderlic has made continuous advancements in both how and what we measure. That research has culminated in WonScore. Staying true to our history, Wonderlic aims to lower the barriers to entry of pre-employment assessment by providing advanced science in an easy-to-use package to organizations everywhere.

The most important component of selecting talent is to ensure that individuals are evaluated against criteria that will predict performance in the exact job. This ensures that candidates are getting the most fair and job-relevant evaluation for the role they’re applying to and supports the legal defensibility of any selection decision. Wonderlic has spent years creating and refining over 1,000 individual job profiles to provide a totally seamless and off the shelf experience for our clients. Our database of job profiles is supported through ongoing research and is updated every year as jobs grow and change in the market. What’s more, WonScore delivers an easy-to-use AI-powered search for any job using your job title or job description and provides an effective match in seconds.

Driving data science innovation through ethical AI

Industry-leading expertise helps your team make the best hiring decisions.

Excellence in our core scientific disciplines is the central pillar of Wonderlic’s mission. This is why we’re at the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence innovation in the HR tech space, helping our clients hire better, smarter, and faster.

Our AI solutions are driven by data, anchored in scientific theory, and draw on our decades of extensive history in the assessment space. From the outset of our AI practice, we’ve been fully committed to ethical, explainable AI, and we ensure that all AI we use (including our most sophisticated models) can be unpacked and understood. We know that you need to understand our process in order for you to easily explain and defend yours.

The science powering the Wonderlic assessments can help you both predict employee performance and reduce turnover as a result.

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