Hire the Best Candidate the First Time, Every Time

The Wonderlic Select hiring assessments provide comprehensive, job-specific insights into a candidate’s fit for a role. Using Wonderlic’s multi-measure assessment approach gets you the most accurate prediction of whether your candidate can do the job, wants to do the job, and how they’ll do it – getting you greater insights into performance and retention.


Assess Your Candidates More Effectively


Give the green light to the right candidate, faster

Find top candidates faster using clear and unbiased insights that make it easy to identify high-potential candidates at every stage of the hiring process. Candidate results are predictive of on-the-job success and simple to understand without any certification required.

Say Goodbye

Say goodbye to generic assessments

Jobs are getting more specialized, requiring HR to screen candidates for the unique business needs of all their roles. Our job-specific results are the best predictor of a candidate's ability to succeed in a role, making it easier than ever before for your HR team and hiring managers to find long-term quality hires without any customization required, so you never have to use job generic insights again.


Predict candidate success

Most assessments only capture personality insights. Wonderlic Select combines multi-measure results into a single score that includes a candidate's abilities, motivators, as well as personality traits. The result is the highest prediction available of which candidates will be top performers in your role.

Talent Selection Made Easy

Leverage data to predict talent outcomes

Save time and reduce the risk of human error by using technology to analyze large amounts of data, interpret behaviors, and predict outcomes. By relying on predictive insights that are backed by science and job-specific results, you can improve and streamline your hiring process.

Powerful science, user-friendly experience

The science behind Wonderlic's multi-measure assessments is proven and powerful, but harnessing it is simple. Wonderlic Select combines the results from three assessments into a single score that's easy-to-understand - enabling HR teams to use their time more effectively.

Wonderlic Select assesses three predictors of job performance:

Cognitive Ability: Can your candidate do the job?

Personality: How will they do the job?

Motivation: Do they want to do the job?

Invest time on the highest-potential candidates sooner

Optimize resume review time by screening out candidates who don't have what it takes to succeed in your role and focusing on the ones who do.

Speed up the time to hire without the need to review every resume.

A single score gives you a yes or no, quickly.

Increase the diversity of your candidate pipeline and feel confident that you're not missing out on high-potential candidates.

Help hiring managers make fair candidate comparisons

Bring an informed, unbiased lens to hiring decisions with a side-by-side look at your candidates.

Use objective data to understand the trade-offs between your finalists.

Customize interviews to focus on relative strengths and opportunities for growth specific to the role.

Leverage job-specific insights from our structured interview guide.

Feel confident that your final decision is the best one

Objective, data-driven decisions get the best results. Select your final candidate knowing you have a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of how they will perform on-the-job.

Utilize Wonderlic's comprehensive insights to predict which final candidate will be a top performer in your role.

Identify the key factors that influence candidate potential specific to the role.

After hiring, support your HR team and managers with customized tips for successful onboarding.


Hire the Best Candidate the First Time, Every Time

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