We all know there are individuals who can thrive in your program without a high school education. But it’s hard to know who’s ready and who needs a little more training.

Here’s the answer.


The Ability-to-Benefit Test or “ATB Test" is an all-inclusive, non-proctored exam designed by the U.S. Department of Education to help identify students who possess the basic skills necessary to succeed in a post-secondary education program, but who lack a high school diploma.

The best part?

Qualified Ability-to-Benefit students are eligible for Federal financial assistance under Title IV.

What’s included:
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    Test administration, scoring, and reporting software
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    English language, non-proctored online ATB practice test
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    Department of Education (ED) approved online and paper tests
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    Training, certification, and monitoring of test proctors
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    The only ED-approved Spanish language test for ATB
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    Access to Wonderlic ATB experts and support

Your ability to benefit

Trustworthy results

Item response theory scoring uses item level characteristics and the overall response pattern to enhance the accuracy of the results.

Proctor support

Proctor training, certification, and annual re-certification as required by the US Department of Education. We got you.

Quick administration

20-minute administration time for each of the math and verbal portions of the test - total assessment time under an hour. Go ahead, take a long lunch break, you deserve it.

Administration options

Available in English and Spanish. Administer online for instant results and official scores. Paper-and-pencil administration available, with step-by-step guide and answer sheets scored by Wonderlic. Non-proctored online practice test available (English only). Old school or new school, however you roll.

Official reports

ATB results are provided in a one-page report that indicates status as “Eligible” or “Not Eligible”. Scores are shown graphically in relation to minimum requirements. Doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Wonderlic Online security

Student information and test scores
are stored securely in Wonderlic Online. Access immediately during any stage of the enrollment process. We keep that stuff on lockdown.

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