You want the best way to predict whether an applicant will succeed in your program.

This test does just that - it measures students’ cognitive ability, which is widely accepted as the single best predictor of academic success.


This assessment is designed for in-person, proctored administration, either online or with paper-and-pencil. The shortened version, the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam - Quicktest, is ideal for distance learners, who can access remotely from anywhere.

Not trying to brag here, we have the world’s leading cognitive ability test used for student admissions.

Oops, I guess we did. Sorry, not sorry.

How we do

Academic success prediction

Identifies students’ ability to understand instructions, learn new material, and handle the demands of school. So you can make safe bets.

Program-specific scoring

Standardized scoring for a wide range of career programs. You can also customize profiles to match your specific needs. Go on, get those bells and whistles, you deserve them.

Flexible administration

Online or paper-and-pencil administration, on-site or remotely, in a group or individual setting. Standard version is 50 questions in twelve minutes, remote quicktest is 30 questions in eight minutes. Old school or new school, however you roll.

Easy-to-understand results

Get an easy to interpret single page report with two-color system that indicates suitability for specific educational programs. Who doesn’t love a pass/fail system?

15-layers (1)
Simple management

Sort and filter tools allow you to evaluate student results based on scores and track their progression through your enrollment process. You won’t even need a T.A. to help.

How you do

Increase student retention, graduation, and job placement rates
Predict students’ GPA
15-layers (1)
Maximize compliance with accreditation requirements
Reduce loan default rates
Support your mission of providing high-quality education

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