Personality assessments reveal information about a candidate's temperament and overall reliability, because a person might be capable of doing a job, but not particularly suited to succeed in that job. Combined with cognitive ability insights, employee personality tests further confirm that you've chosen the right fit based on their predicted on-the-job behavior.

WonScore's personality assessment measures five characteristics directly tied to job performance to help your team determine if your candidates will succeed on the job:



Stress Tolerance



Why assessing personality is useful

At Wonderlic, we only include constructs and insights that are proven to add predictive power to our results. Research has shown that combining data from a work personality test with cognitive ability data (the best indicator of job performance) provides another lens through which to review qualified candidates. Personality data adds what's called incremental validity-a statistically meaningful layer of insight into whether candidates will be a good fit for a particular job.

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How we assess personality


The test itself is made up of 150 questions and takes roughly 30 minutes for a candidate to complete. The weight WonScore gives to each of the five personality characteristics varies according to the requirements of the job being applied for, providing predictive insights tailored for every job.

For example, if your candidate tests well for cooperation and sociability, that may indicate that they'll be a good fit for customer-facing roles. If they're shown to be less social or talkative, perhaps they'd thrive more in a remote, self-starting environment.

How employers benefit most from employee personality testing

Not only can companies use employee personality testing to hire people with the temperament required to flourish in their roles, they can also use them to evaluate the potential of current employees to thrive in other roles within their organization. And when employees are placed in jobs that play to their personal (and interpersonal) strengths, their employers also often see:

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Better overall employee engagement
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Increased productivity
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Lower rates of turnover

Go beyond resumes and interviews to compare and hire candidates based on their potential and objective data, with WonScore.

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