Unlock Your People Potential with Predictive Assessments

Make better talent decisions using insights that provide the greatest prediction of on-the-job success and unlock potential at every stage of the employee journey.


Equip your HR team to achieve more with less

Boost performance prediction

Improving your organization's performance requires identifying individuals with the potential to adapt to changes in the workplace. By utilizing Wonderlic assessments, you'll deliver valuable predictive insights on cognitive ability, personality, and motivation - empowering you to make informed talent decisions.

Boost performance prediction
easily uncover insights
Easily uncover talent insights

Use one tool to get insights across the entire employee journey.
The Wonderlic platform is easy to use for everyone in your
organization - with no lengthy training or certification required.

Access personalized results

Support talent decisions with role-specific insights. No one-size-fits-all, generic results. Our assessments predict on-the-job performance out of the box - no customization necessary.

Access personalized results
Eliminate bias, maximize fairness
Eliminate bias, maximize fairness

Invest in all of your talent, at every level and across the
entire employee journey - with a scalable solution.

Unlock value for everyone
in your organization


HR leaders achieve more using predictive assessment insights to find top performers and develop talent to their maximum potential.


Managers increase team performance and meet their goals by hiring well and developing each individual employee to their potential.


Employees prioritize where to invest effort in development, using actionable insights on personal strengths and areas for improvement.


Candidates experience a fair and efficient review and interview process. They also receive insights on the assessment results as a thank you for their participation.

Support the entire employee journey

Wonderlic Select

Hire the best candidate
for your role

Hire the best candidate for your role

Improve the hiring process for everyone

Reduce time-to-hire

Identify which candidates will succeed on-the-job

Make confident hiring decisions using job-specific insights

Use fair and objective hiring processes

Wonderlic Develop

High impact development that improves performance

High impact development that improves performance

Personalize employee development without needing to customize

Boost on-the-job performance

Improve employee self-awareness

Scale development for your entire organization - not just leaders

Take the development burden off HR and Manager

Hire the Best Candidate the First Time, Every Time

Hire the Best Candidate the First Time, Every Time
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