A Candidate's Guide to Wonderlic Select

Everything you need to get started

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Why should you take Wonderlic Select?

Assessments benefit you, too.

Wonderlic Select helps your potential employer learn more about you. Resumes give a decent overview of your work history, but that’s about it. Pre-employment assessments help employers pick up where your resume left off.

By honestly answering questions based on your personality, motivation, and cognitive ability– you’re helping your potential employer understand why you’re truly right for the role.

We’re trying to learn more about one thing and one thing only -

You’re already an expert in that area.

See how tests make the process fairer for everyone.

How Wonderlic Select Works


Getting Started


Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. We recommend your home, because public places can be a bit distracting.


Wonderlic Select can be taken on any device, but make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

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To launch the assessment, you’ll simply click on the link provided by your potential employer.


Completing Wonderlic Select

We have lots of different tests, but most people are taking one or more of the following three:


Cognitive ability

You’re given 12 minutes in this section to showcase your problem-solving skills by answering up to 50 questions. 

Don’t worry– you don’t have to finish them all. This is the only portion that’s timed.


This section is designed to explore your work-related interests. There are no right answers, so we encourage you to be as honest as possible. That way employers can tell exactly
what makes you right for the job.


The final Wonderlic Select section asks you to answer questions about your personality. Are you a people-person? How outgoing are you? Again, there are no right answers.This section simply allows employers to gain a greater sense of who you are.


Results are in:


Your scores are sent to the company you applied to - and then the Wonderlic leg of your application journey is finished.


Since each company has a unique hiring process, the recruiter or hiring manager will let you know what’s next. If you have additional questions, we recommend contacting them directly.

What do actual candidates think about our tests?

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“I like that assessments help the company get to know me before the interview process.”

“I like the assessments because it makes me feel as if the company actually cares about knowing the people they are potentially hiring.”

“It gives employers more information than just what’s on my resume.”

There’s no such thing as
“beating the Wonderlic”.

Here's the takeaway:

There are a ton of “resources” out there pretending to prep you for our assessment. With the exception of our cognitive ability section, Wonderlic Select is designed so that there are no correct answers. In other words, there’s nothing to prepare for.

Wonderlic Select helps mitigate hiring bias. By using it your future employer is not only learning more about you, but also hiring based on your potential rather than factors like education level or years of experience. 

Like we said, your resume isn’t the whole story. Our goal is to place you where you’ll be most successful by helping employers find the best fits for their open position.


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