September 9, 2019

Amelia Herring

Human resources: keeping top performers

Human resources: keeping top performers
Amelia Herring
HR has changed dramatically since its inception in the Dark Ages. (Over-exaggeration?) The question is- are you keeping up?

It’s no secret that the evolution of human resource management has increased throughout the ages. Corporations used to label their employees as “production zombies” (this is the technical term, probably)- people were just numbers on an assembly line. You either made your company money, or you stopped working at that company. In the 1800s, however, human resource management began to focus on specific individual differences, increasing efficiencies, and enhanced quality over quantity. In other words, employees began to be seen as people rather than numbers.

As transitions were put in place, by the 1900’s human resource management was efficiently able to find common motivators, other than pay. Like, benefits and time off. Fast forward to today: HR places a large emphasis on individual differences, coupled with the idea that employers should appeal to the needs of employees.

Going forward: what does the future hold for HR?

As HR continues to focus on the needs of the employee rather than those of the employer, experts predict that there are six crucial categories that companies must pay close attention to if they want to retain their most talented team members:

  1. Strategic career development –A focus on training and continuing education will help HR departments retain the top talent, while simultaneously making them more adept at completing their daily tasks.
  2. Automation –Tedious and error-ridden tasks can be delegated to computer automation to streamline efficiencies and ensure that HR professionals remain focused on helping their employees flourish.
  3. Leveraging the latest technology –HR can and should be a driving factor for organizations that want to partake in ROI enhancing digital transformations.
  4. Creating a better user experience – Through the right automated HR software, communications can be streamlined, mobile-first capabilities can be implemented, and heightened levels of productivity can be achieved.
  5. Transparency as an incentive –The most innovative organizations realize that transparency key for employees who need to achieve a common goal.
  6. Awareness in the face of new regulations – The federal government will keep HR teams on their toes in the face of new regulations that are designed to protect the rights of everyone and safeguard sensitive data.

These are the most important categories that you need to consider in regard to retaining top talent in your company.

The evolution of human resource management will continue.

Just as the marketing department attracts talented individuals, so too must your HR team by focusing on creating a positive internal culture that resonates with employees. In this vein, the evolution of human resource management progresses as organizations focus on what matters most to employees. Best practices for selecting employees have been implemented, as well as ensuring employees have what they need to excel in their positions. The question that you have to ask is, “Will your organization be ready?”

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