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Innovation in HR: Go Beyond the Status Quo

Innovation in HR: Go Beyond the Status Quo
Amelia Herring
Are HR advancements only made by large companies with huge budgets and big HR departments? Nope.

Many small businesses focus on innovation as a means to leapfrog their competition. From new product development to management processes, coming up with better ways to do things is a high priority. Unfortunately, this is one critical area that seems to be often overlooked when it comes to innovation in HR.

When I ask small business owners why they aren’t as focused on improving HR processes, they tell me it’s because they don’t feel they can impact HR in a meaningful way compared to other areas of their business. Knowledge about ways in which a company can be innovative in HR lags behind the creative solutions employers come up with for other areas of a business.

But if a company is not innovating in all areas, they are not excelling. And that includes human capital.

Human Resources Innovation: It’s Not Just for Large Companies

The impression I frequently get is that many small business owners feel that any advancements in hiring are made by large companies with huge budgets and big HR departments. To make any changes, they need large expenditures of cash and a substantial time commitment: things that they don’t have.

I can’t stress enough how incorrect this concept is.

So many things have changed in the last 3-5 years that have made “Big HR” possible for small companies. Technology has had a significant impact, meaning small companies can avoid finding themselves at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to hiring strategies.

Small businesses are nimble. Agile. Take those traits and apply them to human resources. Implement nimble, agile technology solutions to help with the hiring process.

  1. Stop worrying about having a small HR staff. Get systems in place that are working 24/7 on your behalf.
  2. Stop wasting time. Use technology to prescreen your applicants so you’re only spending time with qualified candidates.
  3. Stop ignoring HR. Turn your focus on innovation inward, and use technology to improve every step in your hiring process.

By continuing to accept what you have is OK, you become increasingly less competitive. Ask yourself, “are we as cutting edge in HR as we are in product development?” If the answer is no – you have some work to do.

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