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Wonderlic Select Frequently Asked Questions

Wonderlic Select Frequently Asked Questions
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Features and Benefits

What is Wonderlic Select?

Wonderlic Select by Wonderlic is a preemployment testing platform that assesses a candidate’s cognitive ability, motivation, and personality, giving companies objective insights that help predict on-the-job success.

  • Cognitive ability results indicate whether a candidate can do the job.
  • Motivation results indicate whether their interests align with the demands of the job.
  • Personality results indicate the degree to which a candidate’s traits line up with a job’s top predictors of performance.

Along with this three-in-one assessment, Wonderlic Select customers receive Structured Interview Guides, New Hire Success Tips that help create a more personalized onboarding experience, the option to offer candidates a Candidate Feedback Report, and dedicated customer service that ensures they feel completely confident in administering and using the test.

Does Wonderlic Select really tell me how applicants will likely perform on the job?

Absolutely. Decades of research show that our multi-measure tests (which combine insights about cognitive ability, personality, and interests) are a more effective predictor of job performance than job experience, emotional intelligence tests, education,
and other common hiring tools. With the help of our clients we’ve also conducted local validation studies that provide empirical evidence of the strong relationship between Wonderlic Select and overall job performance.

I’ve read that not all assessments are appropriate for selection purposes. What about Wonderlic Select?

Wonderlic Select was designed specifically for selection. All Wonderlic assessments undergo rigorous analyses to help ensure that the tests are valid, reliable, and appropriate to use in pre-employment settings. Wonderlic and other independent researchers have conducted many validation studies related to the criteria, constructs, and content used in assessments.

Our researchers utilize the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, as well as other legal and professional standards, as guidance when developing and validating all tests. Industrial organizational psychologists at Wonderlic also monitor legislative trends and judicial decisions that may impact the use of Wonderlic’s assessments, so you know that the test and its applications are always up to date.

Are the questions in Wonderlic Select always the same, or are there different versions for different job openings?

The questions in Wonderlic Select are the same for all candidates, but the score a candidate receives is always job-specific, based on the unique criteria for performance found in each specific job profile. This enables your hiring team to see if a candidate would be a good fit for job openings beyond the one they applied for by running their assessment results against multiple job profiles.

Is Wonderlic Select available in any languages besides English?

We also offer Wonderlic Select in Spanish and French.

What business benefits can I expect from using Wonderlic Select?

In addition to helping companies quickly screen out candidates unlikely to succeed and identify potential top performers, Wonderlic Select has also been shown to improve HR teams’ average time-to-hire and significantly reduce turnover.

Using Wonderlic Select

How do most of your customers use Wonderlic Select?

Wonderlic Select was designed to be used at the top of the hiring funnel, as a tool to help screen out candidates who are poor fits and identify the candidates to move through to the interview process. However, customers who use the assessment as an initial screener also refer to those same Wonderlic Select insights later in the hiring process—to help determine who to push to a final interview or who to make an offer to. Additionally, Wonderlic Select insights can help you tailor onboarding processes to appeal to a candidate’s personality, motivators, and learning potential.

How do I invite candidates to take Wonderlic Select when applying to our jobs?

You have the option to immediately test candidates when they apply online. Or you can generate Quick Apply Links to embed in job boards, your website, your ATS, or candidate emails. The links can be created easily in Wonderlic Select and then plugged into almost anywhere, taking applicants who click on them straight to the assessment.

I’m not sure I’d understand how to interpret the results. Would Wonderlic help me do that?

Absolutely. You should be able to understand results immediately, because Wonderlic Select was designed to be intuitive and easy to use “right out of the box.” But if you do have any questions, all kinds of support materials are available, including a deep library of instructional documents and other FAQs just like this one. Also, our customer service team is always available to help answer your more specific questions. Some plans come with online chat access only; others come with email and phone access to our general team; and our more advanced plans come with your own dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Is there a way to see if a candidate would fit more than one role at my company?

With Wonderlic Select, it’s easy to see whether a candidate might fit roles beyond what they applied for. And there’s no limit to how many other roles you can apply their candidate results to.

Is there a limit to how many candidate reports I can run for every opening?

Nope! You can run as many reports as you want, with no extra charges.

About our Customers

What is the typical size of the companies that use Wonderlic Select?

The majority of our customers are companies with between 100 and 2,500 employees.

Do companies in my industry use Wonderlic Select?

Our customer base includes more than 50 major industries— from Agriculture to Wholesale Trade firms, and everything between. And our job directory contains more than 1100 unique job profiles that represent the most common roles in every industry.

How many customers do you have?

Thousands of customers with a total of 1.6 million employees currently use Wonderlic Select to help them hire candidates based on their potential to succeed.

How many people have taken Wonderlic tests over the years?

More than 200 million Wonderlic tests have been taken since the company was founded in 1937. Learn more about Wonderlic’s history.

How Wonderlic Select Helps Companies Make Better Hiring Decisions

Screen Out

  • Our simple score helps you decide which candidates to pass on upfront
  • Helps you confidently decide who to push to the interview stage

Structured Interview Guide

  • Includes consistent questions and criteria for judging candidates’ performance, tailored to every job profile
  • Gives hiring teams a less biased approach to uncovering employee potential than typical interviews

Screen In

  • When the candidate pool is down to a few contenders, leverage their existing Wonderlic Select assessment insights to help you decide who to extend an offer to
  • Specifically helps you determine potential to succeed, culture fit, and motivation

New Hire Success Tips

  • Onboarding tool customized to each hire based on Wonderlic Select insights
  • Gives managers and HR teams recommendations for delivering training at the right level and complexity

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