Amelia Herring

An Onboarding Tool is Your New Hire’s First Step to Success

An Onboarding Tool is Your New Hire’s First Step to Success
Amelia Herring
Onboarding tools are essential to a new hire's first experience at their company. Why? Read more to find out.

You finally found a babysitter. That night out you and your significant other have been craving for months is actually happening.

But when the sitter arrives, you’re so eager to get to your dinner and a movie date that you neglected to provide any relevant details about your baby – feeding schedule, sleeping schedule, crying tendencies, etc. You bolt for the door before conveying any steps to success.

In this hairy hypothetical, you’re failing to provide an onboarding tool to your sitter. And considering this is your baby we’re talking about, you’d typically never forget to go over every possible pacifier pro tip you have before leaving the house.

You shouldn’t be that absent-minded when it comes to your business, either, but plenty of companies are. Up to 20 percent of staff turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment, meaning many new hires aren’t getting the guidance they need starting on Day 1.

At Wonderlic, we know how important it is to make sure you’re setting up your new hires for success. And with our new New Hire Success Tips inside WonScore, that’s more achievable than ever.

Customized to each new hire, this onboarding tool uses what we know about the individual to provide recommendations for delivering training at the right level and complexity. It’s tied to their interests in a way that resonates with how they learn.

The onboarding tool provides actionable tips for training, management and coaching, and teams and relationships. The hire profiles cover personalities ranging from introverted and practical to artistic and investigative. This deep dive means you’ll be able to onboard your star hire in a way that will benefit your organization in the short and long term.

Happy hires lead to happy employees, which lead to productive and successful organizations.

And more time for you to plan date nights.

Click here to start a free trial or schedule a demo.

Stay tuned for more news about exciting new features inside WonScore, like our Structured Interview Guides.

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