Duracell: How we improved employee retention by 400%

With Wonderlic, Duracell improves retention to 80%, reduces hiring time and onboarding costs.

Stephen Bozek is the National Sales Director for Duracell Remotes, the national leader in keyless entry car remotes and replacement key fobs for most makes and models. To help drivers maintain easy access to their vehicles, Duracell has a large team supporting hundreds of retailers across the country.

Stephen leveraged the insights from WonScore to drastically cut turnover, streamline the interview process, and create a data-driven onboarding process to help managers best lead their team members.

I cannot thank you enough for introducing us to the WonScore platform.

Stephen Bozek, National Sales Director

Involve them in the interview process

Duracell Remotes was having trouble keeping new employees. Within the first month of starting, four out of five workers were either leaving or being asked to leave. Between training and onboarding costs, the company determined that new employees don’t start to provide a return on investment until well into their fourth month – a timeline that was leading to some seriously costly turnover. There were two main issues driving turnover. One, a lot of the new hires were simply not motivated by the work. And, two, too many of the candidates just didn’t have the ability to learn on the job. They needed a way to ensure they were focusing on the right people up front – and not putting unqualified candidates through the hiring process all the way to the offer stage.

The Solution

To weed out unmotivated individuals – as well as those lacking the appropriate cognitive skills for the position – Duracell Remotes began using WonScore to test applicants prior to speaking with them in person. They stopped bringing in candidates who didn’t hit a certain threshold on WonScore, saving valuable time in the face-to-face interview process.

The Results

Since adding WonScore to their hiring process, Duracell Remotes is retaining four out of every five new employees. Yes, they have completely flipped their turnover! So long, high onboarding costs and time-consuming interviews with unqualified candidates. In addition to narrowing down the applicant pool, WonScore has provided incredible insight into new hires’ business and leadership acumen, pinpointing both strengths and weaknesses. This offers the executive team a better understanding of how to best communicate – and, most importantly, motivate – each employee based on their personality type.

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