Motivation assessments provide valuable insight into a person’s work-related interests by measuring what motivates them and what they need in order to succeed. When measured in combination with cognitive ability, motivation tests help you discover who can do the job and who actually wants to do it.

WonScore's motivation assessment is based on the RIASEC model, which measures how a candidate's results across the following six characteristics predictive of job performance match the ideal profile for a specific job:



Hands-on, physically demanding



Analytical, scientific, intellectual



Imaginative, creative, expressive



Teaching, providing care, serving



Persuasion, balancing a bottom
line, revenue generation



Structured, repeatable, predictable

Why motivation assessment tools are useful

Gathering data about the types of work your candidates' inherently prefer to do (in addition to understanding their mental capacity to do a particular job through cognitive ability measures) increases the predictive power of pre-employment assessments. In industrial-organizational (I-O) science, this is called adding incremental validity— an outcome in which two or more uniquely predictive constructs are combined to produce greater predictive power than either construct on its own.


How we assess motivation

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WonScore's motivation assessment is comprised of 58 forced-choice questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Candidates are presented with three descriptions of common work tasks and asked to choose which one they would most prefer to do. The options aren't specific to the position they're applying for; instead, they represent a wide range of options meant to hone in on a candidate's task-related preferences.

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Using this data, our motivation assessment then ranks the six RIASEC model characteristics a candidate does or doesn't exhibit according to how important they are to any particular job.

For example, high "Realistic", "Conventional", and "Investigative" scores might be valued and weighted more for a highly analytical Operations Manager role in a structured environment, whereas high "Artistic", "Enterprising", and "Social" scores might be more preferable for a more interactive and creative Music Teacher position.

Find candidates whose interests and motivation align with your role.

How employers benefit from motivation assessments

When your company hires people who enjoy what they do, you're more likely to reduce the financial losses linked to wrong-fit employees and churn, and your employees are more likely to stay productive, engaged, and committed to their work (and your company's vision) for the long haul.


Go beyond resumes and interviews to compare and hire candidates based on their potential and objective data with WonScore.

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