You get flooded with applicants, so how do you keep from drowning in applications, before locating those with the skills needed for successful program completion?

Let us throw you a buoy.

Basic skills tests identify current skill proficiency levels. These tests are widely used by post-secondary institutions, career colleges, technical programs, workforce development agencies, and adult education programs.

The results of these skills tests can be used to place students in level-appropriate courses, increasing their chances of success.

Also use them to determine what, if any, remediation is necessary.

It’s smooth sailing from here...


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Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

Ensures students have the basic math and verbal skills to meet program requirements.

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Wonderlic Basic Skills Ability-to-Benefit Test

Identifies students' eligibility for Title IV programs based on basic math and verbal skills.

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General Assessment of Instructional Needs

Determines student educational needs and monitor learners' progress.

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