Not every candidate is a top performer—and neither is every hiring assessment provider.  

Here’s why thousands of companies rely on Wonderlic’s unique "whole person” assessments to identify the best fits for every open role, hire with confidence, and more. 

The predictive power of our insights 

For over 85 years, Wonderlic has been the most trusted name in hiring assessments, leveraging scientific research, award-winning expertise in I/O psychology—and most recently, AI and machine learning.  

Wonderlic’s WonScore assessment measures cognitive ability, personality, and motivation, providing you objective insights into whether a candidate can do the job, how they might behave on the job, and how motivated they’d likely be by the work.  

We take this “whole person” approach because recent studies have shown that multi-measure assessments are more predictive of job performance than any single construct on its own. 

Our assessments are unusually easy to use 

WonScore was designed with the end user in mind. So it’s not surprising that we’re ranked as having one of the fastest implementations and easiest setups on G2.  

Also, our reporting is unusually easy to understand and act on. There’s no need to read lengthy summaries or reports to get the answers you need. You simply compare your candidates’ overall scores—and move the process forward. 

Our 3.5 million off-the-shelf job profiles 

For decades, companies have been told their roles aren't unique—but we disagree. Jobs are getting more specialized, so you shouldn’t be stuck with an assessment that uses generic scoring profiles. You understand your hiring needs better than anyone, and your hiring assessment should be equipped to help you easily find the candidates most likely to meet those needs, no matter how new or unusual the job title is.  

Wonderlic’s proprietary TrueMatch technology helps you select the right job profile for your roles easily and intuitively, no special consultation or customizations required. Using O*NET data from the Department of Labor and data from 10 million LinkedIn user profiles, TrueMatch enables companies to score candidates' cognitive ability, personality, and motivation against job profiles matched specifically to their open roles. 

With TrueMatch, our customers get access to 3.5 million off-the-shelf job scoring profiles, including those for traditional roles like Business Development Manager, Talent and Acquisition Leader, IT Support and Helpdesk Specialist, Director of Digital Marketing, as well as less common, more nuanced tech roles like AI Research Scientist and Game Developer. 

We help companies do more than improve the quality of their hires 

Access to Wonderlic’s robust candidate insights can help you achieve a wide range of important strategic business goals: 

Reduce turnover

By identifying candidates who have the skills, temperament, and motivation needed to succeed in their role within your organization, Wonderlic significantly reduces turnover. We’ve helped our clients reduce turnover by up to 44%, which can lead to massive cost-saving and improved morale across teams. 

Create a more equitable hiring process and culture

The objective candidate data we provide allows hiring teams to see whether candidates have what it takes to excel, regardless of their work experience or level of education. This data-driven assessment approach helps organizations mitigate the unconscious bias inherent in the hiring process—and create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams. 

Streamline your hiring process

The average job posting receives 250 applicants, and it takes HR teams over 5 minutes per applicant to screen them. By using WonScore to pre-screen candidates, you can cut your applicant review time by up to 50%—and quickly focus on your highest-potential candidates before they get snapped up by a competitor.  

Deliver a first-class candidate experience

Unlike most assessment companies, Wonderlic offers candidate feedback reports that provide candidates with curated insights into their score that they can use whether they get the position or not. In addition, with the insights our assessments provide and our New Hire Success Tips, hiring managers and HR teams can tailor the onboarding process to appeal to a candidate’s personality, motivators, and learning potential. 

Build a future-proof workforce

As new technologies transform the job landscape, more and more companies are focused on finding employees with the ability to learn new skills, adjust to change, and thrive in the face of uncertainty. Our competency-based insights also help companies get a clearer sense of candidates’ capacity for development and long-term growth. 

Our approach to customer success  

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all customer experiences. Just as every role is unique, so are your needs.  

To ensure you get the most out of WonScore, we'll create a service plan tailored to your specific needs and hiring goals. In addition to providing training sessions during onboarding, we’ll deliver ongoing support, including:   

  • One-on-one calls with your Customer Success Manager  
  • Consulting services 
  • Ongoing admin and user trainings  
  • Product education resources available 24/7 through our Knowledge Base    
  • Access to our customer community, collaborative learning events, and expert webinar series  
  • A monthly newsletter that features product and industry news and new strategies for success 

To learn more about how Wonderlic assessments can help you achieve both your hiring and strategic business goals, sign up for a demo with one of our friendly talent experts.  

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