July 1, 2020

Ross Piper

AI Job Description Search

AI Job Description Search
Ross Piper
No more second-guessing or worrying about whether your candidates are being tested for the right skills needed on the job.

At Wonderlic, we’re proud to offer industry-leading industrial-organizational (I/O) psychology expertise to our customers, helping them make informed hiring decisions scientifically proven to lead to better on-the-job outcomes. Excellence in core scientific disciplines is a central pillar of our mission, and we’re constantly striving to discover new ways to provide this value at scale. Thanks to our cutting-edge advancements at the intersection of I/O psychology and artificial intelligence (AI), we’ve never been more ready to deliver on that promise.

Built to automate the tedious process of job profile matching, our new AI-powered job description search tool is a perfect example of this. Job profile matching has been particularly difficult for our customers looking to assess candidates for roles that have unusual titles or sets of requirements. Finding a “best match” for these unique roles in our job directory was a challenge, especially for our customers lacking in-house I/O experts or dedicated HR functions. Without a proper job analysis, it can be extremely difficult to determine the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed for a candidate to be successful in a role. As a result, these situations would typically lead to a consultation with one of Wonderlic’s I/O psychologists. 

A helpful, though unfortunately not scalable, solution.

We wanted to make this service available to all of our customers on-demand. To do that, we used our proprietary Wonderlic AI toolkit to build a digital expert that can actually read and parse through job descriptions to identify the set of KSAs required to be successful in that role. We pushed it even further by having the software return one or more job profiles it deems to be closest to the job for which you’re hiring. 

No more confusion, second-guessing, or worrying about whether your candidates are being tested for the right set of competencies needed on the job. 

Our AI-powered job description search tool was trained on data from highly reliable, validated sources. That includes the Department of Labor’s O*Net database and one of the most popular online job boards in the world. The results are remarkable, and we can’t wait for you to try it out!

Wonderlic is excited to feature our AI team as they continue to enhance WonScore. If you’re interested in learning more, please check out their site for regular feature updates!

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