Testing for personality alone is not enough

Inform your hiring decisions by also assessing candidates' abilities and motivators. Wonderlic's multi-measure assessments provide comprehensive insights that lead to better prediction than pre-hire personality tests.


Why HR Leaders Choose Wonderlic to Identify Top Talent

Say Goodbye to Generic Personality Tests

Jobs are getting more specialized, requiring HR to screen candidates for the exact skills the business needs for a given Role. Wonderlic's job engine understands over 99% of all job titles without any further customization, so you never have to use a generic job profile again.

Better Predict Candidate Performance

Most assessments capture personality metrics. Only Wonderlic Select delivers multi-measure insights that include a candidate's abilities and motivators as well as their personality traits in a single score. The result is better predictive insight on who will be a top performer in your role.

Give a Green Light to the Right Candidate, Faster

Find top candidates faster using clear, objective data points that make it easy to identify high-potential candidates at every stage of the hiring process. No certification or training is necessary. Candidate results and insights are predictive and straightforward to understand.

Talent Selection for Progressive HR Teams

Today’s candidates are looking for deeper connections that go far beyond a resume screen and interview. With our solution, you can build a more equitable and inclusive approach that ultimately benefits the organization, reflects a diverse range of backgrounds, and is better equipped to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Your people are your biggest asset. Wonderlic is here to support you through the entire employee journey with our suite of products.

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