Predictive Talent Assessments

Make better talent decisions with assessment insights that provide the greatest prediction of on-the-job success and unlock potential at every stage of the employee journey.

Why organizations choose Wonderlic

Better on-the-job performance prediction

Make more informed talent decisions and improve organizational performance. Wonderlic assessments identify high-potential candidates and develop them into high-performing employees by analyzing cognitive ability, personality traits, and motivation.

Uncover talent insights quickly and easily

Use one tool to get talent insights across the entire employee journey. The Wonderlic platform is easy to use for everyone in your organization - with no lengthy training or certification required.

No one-size fits all results

To effectively support talent decisions, you need insights that cater specifically to the unique requirements of your roles. No generic, one-size-fits-all insights, our assessments predict on-the-job performance without any customization required.


Cut out bias, maximize fairness

Increase fairness and decrease bias by using objective insights throughout the entire employee journey. Invest in all talent, at every level - with an economically scalable solution.


Your people are your biggest asset. Wonderlic is here to support you through the entire employee journey with our suite of products.

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