You followed the hiring process to a T and it worked!

You hired a great employee and they are proving to be a great fit. But what happened to their assessment results? I’m willing to bet you used the results to help you make a hiring decision, but haven’t looked at them since.

You’re not alone.

We just completed a study on how companies use employee assessments. We found that 70% of companies are using them for hiring – and nothing more. While that statistic isn’t surprising, it’s one we’d like to reverse, as there is a tremendous amount of valuable information in the test results that many employers are not maximizing.

Thinking Beyond the Hire
Part of using employee assessments strategically means you also apply the information derived to talent management solutions across the employee life cycle.

Consider everything you learned about the employee during the hiring process. You know their personality, their skill level, their learning style, etc. Why not use that information to help you lead and manage your employees?

How to Use Test Data Strategically
Some areas you can use test data strategically:

  • Improving employee engagement
  • Training, development and onboarding
  • Understand bench strengths
  • Developing leadership and management styles
  • Steering employees towards suitable roles
  • Building excellent teams

Of course you can use the employee assessment test results on an individual basis. But have you thought about looking at the makeup of your teams, departments, or even the company as a whole? Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of groups of people can help you develop more successful long term strategies.

If you’re confused (or merely overwhelmed) by all of the data you have, let us know. We’re more than happy to help you analyze your people and give you actionable tips you can use!

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