October 14, 2021

Mark Rader

How LennoxNAS Hires Better with Wonderlic

How LennoxNAS Hires Better with Wonderlic
Mark Rader

As an executive assistant at the commercial HVAC company LennoxNAS, Taheisha Lugo administers around 50 WonScore tests a week. See what she loves about the assessment—and how the company’s managers use WonScore to ask better interview questions and make better hiring decisions.


My name is Taheisha Lugo. I’m the Executive Assistant to the Vice President and General Manager of Lennox National Account Services, a commercial HVAC company specializing in service for national accounts.

I like that the Wonderlic results are really fast and easy to read. It’s kind of black and white, where it just tells you the results.

And then it gives you those skilled interview questions based on the candidate’s personality and cognitive and motivational score, so it helps give you that guide. Once I receive a score, whether it’s a cautionary fit, a weak fit, a strong fit, or a moderate fit, I send those results back to the hiring manager. It gives them an idea of how the candidate will behave — what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are, what motivates them and what doesn’t motivate them.

It also gives the opportunity for the manager to think outside the box and ask questions about the candidate and their abilities and how they learn as opposed to more technical questions.

Wonderlic does add value to our hiring process, absolutely.

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