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March 12, 2021

Mo Kalby

Candidate Report – In Action

Candidate Report – In Action
Mo Kalby

The In Action page of your report is where you can find some information about those “KSAs” (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) that many employers, career advisers, and recruiters identify as being important for employability. Now, we did not assess any of your soft skills, but we did learn something about your natural “leanings.” You answered questions about factors that indicate what you tend to be most comfortable with and happy about. So here is where you can gain insight about your preferences and orientations to help you make decisions about what kinds of work settings and responsibilities best align with you.

Use this page to determine what problem-solving style best aligns with how you learn and approach new information, how much you prefer working alone or in a team setting, and whether or not you are interested in leading others. Each of these pieces of information is helpful in knowing what kind of career path, work environment, and job responsibilities could make you happiest.

Using the Candidate Report
– Overview
– Know & Grow
– In Action

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