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March 12, 2021

Mo Kalby

Candidate Report – Overview

Candidate Report – Overview
Mo Kalby

The Overview page of your report is fairly straight-forward. It simply lays out some quick, important information that we learned about you during the time you spent taking our assessment. If you take nothing else away from what we provide in this report, these are the elements to keep in mind and consider when thinking about your career.

Use this page to see your top Natural Tendency (shown to the far left), most powerful Personal Driver (middle), and Problem-Solving style (far right). Look at the “tags” we show in the colored bubbles to get to know different ways of describing the characteristic being talked about in the card. Finally, consider what is said about how that trait comes up in every-day life as well as on the job.

Importantly, the information in this page is given in further detail in the Know & Grow page that follows it.

Using the Candidate Report
– Overview
– Know & Grow
– In Action

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