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March 12, 2021

Mo Kalby

Candidate Report – Know & Grow

Candidate Report – Know & Grow
Mo Kalby

The Know & Grow page of your report is where the meat can be found. It gives you all the information we have gathered about the majority of your time answering questions and breaks-down information about your Natural Tendencies and Personal Drivers – both important pieces that you should consider when seeking a career (and that employers will consider when thinking about how you fit in a specific role, team, and organization). It lays out (in a ranked order) how some of your characteristics and preferences translate to behaviors, what that means in a work setting, and how you can use this information to your advantage.

The bar charts at the top of each section give a very rough look at how your tendencies and preferences are ranked and measure up against each other, and the cards detailing the information about each of these elements is meant to give you valuable, actionable information that you can take to your every-day life.

Natural Tendencies

We measured 5 common tendencies used for employment selection and general life and show them to you in this section. Importantly, there are no judgement statements intended when describing your tendencies as there are no “good” or “bad” tendencies that we are searching for. Really, you can use this information to understand how you are in your “natural” state. You may find that you’re highly spontaneous, like to do things in untested ways, and share your thoughts without a filter – and that’s okay! The important thing is to know that these are parts of your personality and that you can find opportunities that maximize your personality in a work setting. You can see possible growth opportunities within each tendency’s “card” for strategies on how you can balance your tendencies, especially when you interact with individuals of a different tendency than yourself.

Personal Drivers

We asked for your preferences regarding 6 common drivers in the workforce and display your relative interest in each within this section. Importantly, these are not the only drivers that are available in the world, but they are the most common drivers relating to work that is done within an organization. Use this section to get an idea of what interests you the most about different types of work and the activities associated with that preference. This is another place where there is no right or wrong – just preference, and you should consider this the way that you might consider ice-cream flavors. Just because one flavor isn’t your favorite doesn’t mean you won’t still like it! Consider the jobs and careers that will interest you the most given your drivers.

Of the drivers that interest you the most, we give you a few examples of jobs and career paths related to that interest. Some of those jobs require a lot of outside education, training, or specialized skills while some do not, but we wanted to make sure you could see the variety of options related to any given driver. It is possible that you are interested in all the drivers that we asked you about or very few, but knowing your interests and preferences can help you to take a career you’ll find satisfying for a long time.

Using the Candidate Report
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