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March 12, 2021

Mo Kalby

Using your Wonderlic Candidate Report

Using your Wonderlic Candidate Report
Mo Kalby

We know how it is – you’ve just taken a long assessment for an exciting job opportunity and there’s just one thing on your mind, “How did I do?!” Well, while some assessments give you no real indication of your performance, we think that curiosity is only natural. So, the report you received after completing a Wonderlic assessment is meant to tell you everything we can about what your assessment responses say about you.

Your report outlines all the different pieces of the natural tendencies, personal drivers, and problem-solving ability that we gathered about you during your time completing our assessment, and we think it’s only fair for you to see what we learned. It’s important to note that none of these characteristics we discuss are “good” or “bad” or even “right” or “wrong,” but they give us insight into things like how you might work with other team members and whether or not you’d like to be a leader. Knowing these things about you helps us to know if you’d enjoy certain jobs/tasks or if specific jobs are a good match with your tendencies and preferences. These pieces of information are as accurate as the responses you provided during your assessment and tested by over 80 years of science.

Your report is divided into three pages that give different levels of information about our findings (you can click on any section title for more info on that specific page):

  1. Overview – describing the most notable information gathered from your assessment responses
  2. Know & Grow – diving very deeply into each element we measured, what it means for you, and how you can apply that characteristic in the real-world
  3. In Action – to answer some commonly discussed factors of working at any company

Your report is a “big picture” view of you – regardless of the job you’re applying for. We think this knowledge is important for your career and growth opportunities. It can help you understand how your personality traits can impact your behaviors and interactions with others. Your personality will always lend itself to some innate tendencies, and knowing those tendencies can give you the tools to become a more well-rounded professional in any setting.

At Wonderlic, we believe everyone deserves a job that they find fulfilling, so we share as much information as we can with you to give you the insights you need to optimize your career. We hope you get the job and it’s the one that best-suits you. And we hope that this report helps you to make the most of it!

Using the Candidate Report
– Overview
– Know & Grow
– In Action

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