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Accurately select, place, and track students to guide them to success.


You don’t just want bodies in seats - you need students who will flourish in your programs. Before even accepting any applicants, you can identify those with the greatest potential for success - and provide resources to learners who need extra help.


Everybody wins

Draw on our over 80 years of experience providing industry-leading assessments to guide students and place them in programs that best suit each individual.

You know your students - we know what employers want. Welcome to Casablanca, ‘cause this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Your students are looking to get an edge in job readiness and gainful employment. The best way to do that?

Yep, you guessed it - put them in the right programs with the right support systems.

Amp up your admissions

wonderlic-Epic_Expertise wonderlic-Epic_Expertise

Better placement and tracking

Admit and place students in the programs that best match their abilities. Assess and track their educational progress. Be the superhero of your program - people love them.

wonderlic-Job_Score wonderlic-Job_Score

Higher program success

Identify and evaluate factors that may prevent students from achieving their potential. Increase student retention, graduation and job placement rates. #programgoals

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Simplified process

Easy-to-use platform enables you to evaluate and compare student test results. Convenient web-based testing with a variety of delivery and reporting options. Customize an assessment solution to best support your application and placement processes. Making your life easier, we live for that stuff.

wonderlic-Online_Access wonderlic-Online_Access

Improved bottom line

Maximizes accreditation compliance. Reduce loan default rates. And you get to support your mission of providing high-quality education - the sweetest of bottom lines.

Have more questions about Wonderlic student admissions assessments? Well, take a cue from your students and raise that hand!

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