Amelia Herring

Only 6 Months Left to Avoid GED Reset!

Only 6 Months Left to Avoid GED Reset!
Amelia Herring

Do you have students who have passed portions of the GED test, but not all?

Or, have some taken the entire test, but don’t have the minimum overall score? Maybe they have not been able to get a passing score on the essay. Whatever the situation, you and those students are feeling very stressed because time is running out! There are only six months left until the 2014 GED test arrives, at which time any prior progress made towards attainment will evaporate!

But don’t worry… I have some suggestions to help your students raise their scores to the magic number needed to pass:

1. Give the student an up-to-date basic skills test to:

  • Provide you with a current diagnostic report
  • Identify skills gaps
  • Show students a visual of what they are missing and what needs to studied

2. Review Wonderlic’s free professional development blog on The Most Often Missed Questions on the GED of Language Arts, Writing. You will not only receive information on the topics listed below, but you will also be given examples of practice questions and teaching tips to use with your students.

The video provides:

  • An explanation of the 3 main questions types found on the test
  • An overview of the 4 content areas
  • A breakdown of Organization, Sentence Structure, Usage, and Mechanics questions
  • BONUS: Tips for improving  writing techniques

3. Review Wonderlic’s free professional development blog on The Most Often Missed Questions on the GED Test of Mathematics. You will get an in depth look at each of the most missed questions on the GED Math Test.  You will also be given helpful tips and tricks to use with your students.

The topics covered include:

  • An in-depth look at the 13 most often missed question types on the test
  • Identifying common themes among the questions
  • Teaching strategies you can use in the classroom
  • 5 calculation tips that will help students score better

4. Remember, if a student is having trouble with science and social studies, they may need help with charts and graphs. A basic skills math test should provide the diagnostics you need to develop an individual education plan for improvement with charts and graphs.

5. Pull worksheets, etc. from several different instructional resources in order to find the examples/directions that click with the student.

As an adult education teacher, you have the knowledge and experience to help your students reach their academic goals! We’re here to help as you and your students work towards beating the clock on this final six months of the current GED test.

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